14. Balancing Relationships, Success, and Personal Growth for the Future

Nov 26, 2023

Join Michael J. MacDonald as he shares his journey of making every day count and the positive impact it had on his weight loss and business. Learn about the small adjustments he made and how they transformed his life. Discover his plans for the upcoming year and his vision for his personal brand and business growth. From mentorship to retreats, community building to networking, Michael covers it all. Get inspired to make every day count and prepare for a successful future.

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00:00 Intro

01:48 Weight loss journey, found Manjaro, faster results.

04:11 Make every day count for success.

06:57 Expensive one-on-one mentorship to ensure success.

11:16 Steps to reaching the next level: mentorship, coaching, education.

13:19 Free weekly trading advice and teaching online.

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