62. I'm Back!

Jun 25, 2024

Learn How to Build your Brand and also get Master Resell Rights to Make Money Selling the course!

Michael J. MacDonald is back with a bang! After a few months hiatus, I’m here to share my latest game plan with you. From recalibrating my schedule to exciting new updates, I cover it all. Get ready for actionable insights and behind-the-scenes exclusives. This is just the beginning – stay tuned for exciting content that will inspire and inform.

In this video, we'll cover:

  • Recapping my recent hiatus and recalibrating my content strategy
  • The big launch and excitement around Invest Fest featuring 50 Cent
  • Changes to my recording schedule and workflow optimization
  • Exclusive insights and offers for the MacPac community
  • My journey towards becoming a more effective speaker and content creator

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Check it out now!

00:00 Persevere through challenges, adapt, pursue your goals.

05:04 Tight schedule, readjusted, now ready to return.

09:28 Overcoming insecurities, adopting new speaking techniques.

11:23 Overcoming anxiety in speaking and shooting basketball.

15:42 Focus on teaching skills, not inspirational speeches.

18:37 Course perfect for beginners, providing strategies.

21:59 Creating content with AI, generating numerous ideas.

23:35 Excited to deliver valuable weekly content. Join!

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