63. Strategies for Building a Successful Community

Jul 01, 2024

Learn How to Build your Brand and also get Master Resell Rights to Make Money Selling the course!

Get ready to dive deep into the art of building a thriving community! In this episode, Michael J. MacDonald shares his journey in creating the powerful MacPac community. Learn the secrets behind consistency, impactful networking, and leveraging industry experts. Discover valuable tips for entrepreneurs and insights on efficient automation processes. Don't miss out on the exclusive offer and join our growing network for unparalleled support and growth!

What you'll learn:

  • The fundamentals of building and promoting a successful community.
  • How to capitalize on learning and networking within a community.
  • Strategies for effective community automation and customer onboarding.
  • Valuable tips for new entrepreneurs and the importance of passion.
  • Insights on adaptive content and trend-based promotion.

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00:00 Planned recording in Ghana delayed; took break.

05:05 Discounts offered to supporters, valuable access, appreciation.

08:04 Helping businesses maximize profits through strategic improvements.

10:22 Leverage social media, YouTube by giving free content.

15:41 Promotion of plumbing services based on seasons.

16:42 Private community discusses stock investment trends weekly.

19:53 Join our real estate community for networking.

23:22 People validate when doing right; community education. Sell itself with coupon code MJM.

27:06 Monthly orientation video focused on platform usage.

32:09 Partnered for business success, community improvement, expansion.

33:48 Emphasize community benefits for faster progress.

38:03 MJM discounts, diversified knowledge, and separate communities.

40:21 Passion over profit is essential for success.

45:13 Leverage free platforms for audience engagement and data.

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