65. How I'm Changing My YouTube Content Strategy for Better Growth

Jul 11, 2024

**Welcome back to The Michael J. MacDonald Show! In today's episode, we're diving deep into the future of this channel and the new content format. After a year on YouTube, it's time for a shift and I'm excited to share what’s coming next. Don't miss out on this roadmap to better and more engaging content. Let's dive in!**

**Key Points Covered:**

- **Purpose and Intention:** The reason behind the new changes.

- **Media Consumption:** Why promoting on YouTube should be enough.

- **Content Insights:** What analytics reveal about audience preferences.

- **New Schedule Breakdown:** Dive into my new weekly content plan.

- **Next Steps:** What's to come and how you can be a part of it.

For more updates, check out my website at www.michaeljmacdonald.com and follow me on Instagram [@michaeljmacdonald](https://www.instagram.com/michaeljmacdonald).

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00:00 Experiment, adjust, and create content for audience.

06:45 Reflecting on content creation and self-improvement.

09:39 Consistent content attracts the target audience effectively.

11:28 Testing content, seeking feedback, aiming for consistency.

16:06 Weekly talks on AI, real estate expertise.

19:27 Monthly interviews improve content quality for viewers.

24:29 Analyzing, improving, and seeing better results.

25:59 Appreciative of support, never giving up.

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