No Refunds Policy for Discovery Call Bookings

Thank you for choosing to book a discovery call with Michael J. MacDonald's team. We are excited to connect with you and explore potential opportunities. Please be aware of our strict no refunds policy regarding these appointments:

  1. No Refunds: All discovery call bookings are final. Once you have scheduled a call with our team, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances.

  2. Missed Appointments: If you are unable to attend your scheduled call for any reason, including emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, please understand that we cannot issue a refund. Our team allocates time and resources to prepare for each call, and missed appointments result in lost opportunities for other clients.

  3. Rescheduling: While refunds are not available, we understand that schedules can change. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact us at least 2 business days before your scheduled time to arrange a new time slot. Failure to notify us within this timeframe will result in the forfeiture of your booking without a refund.

  4. Preparation for Your Call: To make the most of your scheduled time, we encourage you to prepare any questions or topics you wish to discuss in advance.

We appreciate your understanding and adherence to our no refunds policy. This ensures that we can continue providing high-quality, dedicated service to all our clients.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to our call!

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